The CCNR publishes its thematic report


The new thematic report “The labour market of the European inland navigation sector” can be downloaded in PDF format (in English) or viewed online at

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A shortage of qualified inland navigation personnel: how can we make the sector more attractive?


The European inland navigation sector is facing a significant labour shortage. This shortage could jeopardise the ambitious goals of modal shift in favour of this mode of transport. With this in mind, the CCNR organised a workshop reflecting on the labour market and its appeal.

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New report from the CCNR on price formation and future trends


In the context of its market observation activities, the CCNR has published a report on price formation in inland waterway transport (IWT). The publication focuses on the main influencing factors regarding price formation and offers a number of recommendations for policy makers.

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A Dutch Presidency ready to face the challenges


From 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025, the Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the CCNR. Switzerland will hold the Vice Presidency. The rotating presidency of the CCNR, with a term of two years, assures fair representation for all Member States and allows particular attention to be paid to key areas.

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