A Dutch Presidency ready to face the challenges


From 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025, the Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the CCNR. Switzerland will hold the Vice Presidency. The rotating presidency of the CCNR, with a term of two years, assures fair representation for all Member States and allows particular attention to be paid to key areas.

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Autumn plenary session 2023


At the plenary meeting, a number of resolutions were adopted, relating to automated navigation and remote operation, technical requirements for vessels, police regulations, Rhine navigation personnel, matters concerning the Rhine waterway and the economic situation of inland navigation in Europe.

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CCNR conference: The Mannheim Declaration – 5 years later


At its plenary session on 6 December 2023, the CCNR adopted a progress report on the Mannheim Declaration. During the conference which followed the meeting, delegations and partners presented an overview of the progress achieved and the work carried out in a wide range of areas, in the last few years.

Report on progress
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The CCNR launches a questionnaire on aids to navigation equipped with Inland AIS for boatmasters and authorities


The questionnaire is available online from 28 November to 31 January 2024, in German, French and Dutch.

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Reflection paper “Act now!” on low water and effects on Rhine navigation


The CCNR releases the third edition of its reflection paper “Act now!” on low water and effects on Rhine navigation.

Reflection paper
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Roadmap for reducing emissions

Automated navigation

Crew and staff

Low water

Other activities

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