Spring 2023 plenary session of the CCNR


The CCNR held its plenary spring session on 7th June 2023. On the programme: resolutions on the extension of mandatory electronic reporting on the Rhine, on amendments to the Rhine Police Regulations and on the Rhine waterway.

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The CCNR publishes its Market Insight / April 2023


The new report on European inland navigation, drafted by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) in partnership with the European Commission, is now available.

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Launch of the revised ISGINTT


The purpose of ISGINTT is to improve the safe transport of dangerous goods at the interface between inland tank barges and other vessels or shore facilities (terminals).

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Low water conditions on the Rhine


The CCNR organised an experts and follow-up workshop on “Low water periods and their impact on the navigation of the Rhine” on 18 January 2023, in Strasbourg and online. The presentations given during this workshop were of high quality and extremely rich. They also afford high hopes that this age-old low water phenomenon can be tackled.

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Roadmap for reducing emissions

Automated navigation

Crew and staff

Low water

Other activities

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