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Workshop « Low water and effects on Rhine navigation » (2023)


  • Reflection paper “Act now!” on low water and effects on Rhine navigation (Edition 3.0 of 27 October 2023) 4292 KB 4287 KB 4327 KB 4496 KB

Press release

  • Low water conditions on the Rhine: high quality discussions and contributions at the CCNR workshop 925 KB 895 KB 890 KB 896 KB


  • Programme 267 KB 273 KB 261 KB 255 KB


  • 2022 low water period and the “Act Now” reflection paper 1534 KB
    Kai Kempmann, Laure Roux, CCNR Secretariat
  • Initiatives and projects reported in the “Act Now” reflection paper 1119 KB
    Markus Grewe, Chair of IEN, German delegation of the CCNR
  • Point of view of vessel operators 910 KB
    Theresia Hacksteiner, IWT Platform
  • Point of view of the shippers 718 KB
    Kathrin Hülswitt, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
  • Climate change impacts on low water. How to be best prepared and how to counteract low waters?
    First messages from the 6th IPCC report for Europe
    3419 KB
    Judith ter Maat, International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin (CHR)
  • Economic damage of drought for inland shipping in Flander 1210 KB
    Niels Van Steenbergen, Belgian delegation of the CCNR
  • Information products for climate adaptation of inland waterways - from science to service 1773 KB
    Enno Nilson, German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG)
  • The Novimove project and foreseen solutions to cope with varying water levels 1846 KB
    Felix Harder, Port of Switzerland - Benjamin Friedhoff, DST
  • Point of view of the industry 902 KB
    Benoit Blank, BASF
  • Point of view of logistics 2480 KB
    Thomas Maassen, Rhenus logistics

Documents related to the workshop “Low water and effects on Rhine navigation” organized in 2019 are available here.