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Hearing of manufacturers, installers, and users by the CCNR’s ad hoc Group
on the proposed minimum requirements for a track guidance assistant for inland navigation (TGAIN)

Wednesday, 6 October 2021 from 09.00 to 13.00
Online meeting using KUDO software

Participation in this hearing requires prior registration via the form below.
Closing date for registrations: 24 September 2021

Additional information on the practical administrative arrangements for the workshop will be notified to participants at a later date.

Following the hearing held in Bonn on 6 September 2019, the Police Regulations Committee decided to create, in October 2019, an ad hoc temporary working group to draw up the minimum requirements governing the functioning and technical design of track guidance assistants for inland navigation (TGAIN) and for user training. The technical specifications do not feature among the ad hoc working Group’s missions.

The ad hoc working Group drew up a document entitled “Proposed minimum requirements for a track guidance assistant for inland navigation (TGAIN)” which it would like to submit to this hearing as a basis for discussion. The lessons learned from this hearing will enable the proposed minimum requirements document to be consolidated, these lessons being passed to the CCNR’s Police Regulations Committee and to its Working groups.

The number of participants in the hearing will be limited to ensure discussions are productive. The expected participants in this hearing are the manufacturers and installers of these devices used in inland navigation. Very experienced TGAIN users might also possibly attend. If CCNR-approved non-governmental organisations, States and intergovernmental organisations with observer status, or other representatives wish to take part in this meeting, they can get in touch with the CCNR Secretariat.